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Many times when there are people on the beach, enjoying a sunny day and playing in the water, there are probably some sharks nearby. It is a fact and although sounds frightening, many reports show it’s true.

Most of the time these approaches are harmless because the sharks only do it out of mere curiosity and not with the intention of hunting. That is why we almost never even realize they are there. But on the opportunities that we do notice the presence of a shark panic goes rampant on the beach.

Ethan A 15-year surfer had traveled with his family from Tennessee to South Carolina to enjoy the beaches this summer. The boy was in the water doing what he likes the most. He spent several hours in the water enjoying the waves and at some point, his mother, Kaci Allen, decided to take her phone out and record her son as he made some tricks.


Video: Shark Joins Surfer On A Wave, Jumps Out Of The Water

What this woman did not know is that she would be recording the acrobatics of her son and an unexpected guest.

You can see the teenager in the water waiting for a wave to surf. After a few seconds, Ethan looks at his chance and starts to put himself in position and just at the moment he pulls his feet from the water and puts them onto the board to stand up it can be seen that behind him right where he had been a few seconds before a shark jumps out of the surface, makes a few spins in the air before reentering the water.

“I didn’t even realize we’d captured the shark jumping up right after he pulled his feet up on the board!” Kaci said when posting the video on Facebook.

The footage has now become viral on social media and thousands of people have been able to observe the mid-air maneuvers of the shark and have commented impressed and relieved because everything was just a scary moment and Ethan is safe.