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If there is an animal that has become the main character on the internet in recent years, it is definitely the cat. These funny creatures do not stop giving us moments, memes, photos, and videos that fill us with laughter with their occurrences and their particular way of behaving.

Cat owners know perfectly well that these animals sometimes behave as if the house were theirs and that it is humans who live there rent-free. Sometimes it even seems that they are the masters and that humans are their servants. A new video of a cat in his usual king-mood recently went viral.


Angry Cat Bangs On Plate Asking For Food


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It was an ordinary night, the humans of the house were in the living room sharing when suddenly they hear a strange sound, a constant knock coming from the kitchen. At first, they wonder what was causing that sound until one of them bravely peeks into the kitchen and that’s when he sees it.

The pet cat of the house was placidly lying in the kitchen, in front of the refrigerator but he was not resting, no, he was claiming to his humans that he was hungry and the best way he came up to do so was to constantly hit the plate to call for their attention and get them to come and put some food on it.

It is not the first time we see something like this, many cats meow very loudly or take the food plate to their owners but in this case, this incredible animal managed not only to attract the attention of its humans but also to get them to come to serve him.

The video quickly went viral on social media and thousands of users have commented on the funny attitude of this cat and others have even shared similar experiences with theirs. The king of the internet continues to bring us material and we are sure that this will continue for a long time to come.