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Sometimes, we see videos or images on the internet that look like something out of a science fiction movie but that turns out to be completely real.

The Gobi Desert is a large desert region located between northern China and southern Mongolia. It is considered one of the largest and most important deserts in the world. And as it is normal, the cities that are on the edges near the desert to some extent see their daily lives conditioned depending on the climate or phenomenons that occur in that arid area.

But recently this was taken to a whole new level in Dunhuang, a city in Gansu province, China that was engulfed by a sandstorm that emerged from the Gobi Desert.


Video: Huge Sandstorm Engulfs Chinese City

A wall of dust and sand more than 300 feet high spread out of the desert and began to force its way through the city. The large cloud turned all the streets and buildings yellow and reduced visibility to just 15 feet so all activities in the city had to stop.

Hundreds of people were trying to get out of the great whirlwind of sand that flooded the city and desperately took refuge in whatever enclosed space they could find as the blast of sand settled.

Transportation in the city also suffered the consequences of the sandstorm and the Chinese police had to intervene with controls at the entrance of the highways until the sandstorm dissipated after several hours.

The images and videos taken from the streets by people in cars or on foot as well as those of security cameras in higher positions are really impressive as they show the violence with which this wall of sand rises and advances unstoppably throughout the city.

The event went viral on social media and thousands of people have commented on the frightening situation in which luckily no fatalities were reported.