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Hundreds of thousands of acres in the United States and Canada continue to be reduced to ashes by wildfires. Entire areas of California were placed on Wednesday, 14 on red fire alert as multiple fires progressed, and so far, there is no end in sight to the blaze fueled by a severe drought.

The flames of the River Fire (California) had not yet been contained near the world-famous Yosemite National Park, and firefighters were concerned about the advance of the Dixie Fire further north. If 2020 was the worst fire year in California’s modern history, 2021 may have already broken that record.


Area Devastated In Oregon Is Equivalent To 120.000 Soccer Fields

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But it is in the neighboring state of Oregon where the fire has caused the worst disasters so far. Fueled by dry and windy weather, the Bootleg Fire devoured more than 86.000 hectares, the equivalent of 120.000 soccer fields, and forced many residents to flee the area. Wildfires are also gaining ground across the border in Canada.

In western Canada, which suffered an unprecedented heatwave a few days ago, more than 35 new fires have been identified in the last two days, according to local authorities.

Experts estimate that this heatwave is linked to global climate warming. No improvement in the weather is expected in the coming days, according to the Canadian Meteorological Agency. The western United States is caught in a devastating vicious cycle: arid soils and dry vegetation create the conditions for temperatures to rise.

With the mercury higher, repeated heatwaves and lower rainfall form an ideal combination for fire advancement.

“Dry conditions and no precipitation are forecasts. Temperatures remain above normal, so not much change is expected over the next few days,” said meteorologist Jill Maepea.

To the east, a thousand people had to be evacuated in recent days, especially in Aboriginal communities in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province.