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Love is such a deep and strong feeling that it is capable of transcending any barrier of age, distance, and even species. Well, when you feel that level of genuine and unconditional connection with something, nothing else matters.

A video recently went viral in which a chimpanzee can be seen desperately running towards two people, and when he finally reaches them, he hangs himself on to them in an immense hug and other displays of affection and emotion that, of course, are reciprocated by this couple.

The chimpanzee had been abandoned by his mother at birth as he had pneumonia and some broken ribs, but he was later rescued and raised by this human couple who gave him all the love and care that they would give to their own son.

Tania and Jorge Sanchez decided to become his caretakers during the first months of his life and they oversaw that he overcame pneumonia and his fractured ribs recovered before handing him over to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) in Miami a foundation created to educate the public on rare and endangered animals.


Chimp Meets Caretakers, Show Them A Lot Of Love


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Limbani as the chimpanzee was named managed to regain his health and quickly adapt to life in the reserve as he is very outgoing, friendly, and affectionate with other animals.

“Without human intervention and modern medicine he wouldn’t be here today,” said a ZWF spokesperson.

Tania and Jorge were also emotionally impacted by this affectionate chimpanzee so whenever they can they go to visit him.

It may take a month or two for them to see each other again but Limbani’s reaction is always the same. Intense emotion and visible happiness to see once more those who he knows saved his life. His gratitude for this couple is expressed in the strong hugs he gives them every time he sees them.

The video reached hundreds of thousands of views on the first day of publication and the profile of this charismatic primate already reaches more than 700k followers on Instagram.