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The heat in summer can be sometimes unbearable. That is why many go to the beaches to cool off in the water or just to enjoy the sun, sand, and a good time with the family.

We would think that this description would only apply to humans, but this group of bears proved otherwise on a California beach.

Beachgoers on South Lake Tahoe beach were surprised a few days ago by the sudden presence of a group of black bears. A large adult bear and three cubs came out of the adjoining forest and went right into the water, probably to avoid the high temperatures at the site, which reached up to 90 degrees that day.


High Temperatures Force Bears To Cool Off In The Water

All the people on the beach were amazed from the moment the 4 bears came out of the trees and started playing on the water’s edge. Many, understandably scared, moved away from the bears because they thought they would be attacked by these creatures but they quickly realized that the bears were only interested in water because the heat was hellish.

Other animals also approached the shore to the amazement of the beachgoers. A few wild geese were also present on the beach turning it into a strange outdoor zoo for everyone.

People on the beach immediately pulled out their phones and started recording the incredible moment that has already gone viral on social media.

“We were all a little shocked,” said Jen Watkins, who filmed the bears.

The authorities have declared that being so close to black bears, especially adults, is extremely dangerous, however, in this case, no one was injured and the bears only spent a few minutes at the site cooling off and playing in the water and then they took somebody’s cooler filled with food and beverages right before running back to the forest.