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Many things in nature have been used for health matters since the beginning of civilization, but thanks to modern science, we can understand how those things can improve our health and people can create new treatments and therapies.

Still, most of them are still in experimental phases and have unexpected results. Mushrooms are known for their psychedelic qualities that are popular for recreational purposes, but recently they have been also used as a treatment for different mental conditions.

People tend to eat the mushrooms, but a man from Nebraska decided to inject them as he thought this would be a more efficient way. He was trying this method as a way to reduce his opioid use, but this was the worst thing he could do since he started to experience severe vital organ failure.

He had a serious case of bipolar disorder and suffered manic-depressive episodes, which during one, read the properties of the so-called magic mushrooms and then proceeded to get them, boil them until they were in their liquid form, and inject them into his system.

However, in order to make the chemical compounds of the mushrooms work, they must be chewed or brewed, otherwise, they become poisonous. This kind of treatment is still in tests and research and it is only used in some extreme cases of cancer and mental disorders under a strict and supervised regimen because they can result in dangerous circumstances, as it happened to this 30-year-old man.


Man Injects Magic Mushrooms, Grows Fungi In His Blood

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After that, he spent a few days with different symptoms that didn’t relate to the use of the mushrooms, like fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting blood, until his family took him to a hospital where he nearly died and had to breathe through a ventilator for three weeks before the doctors finally realized what was happening to him.

Thanks to the blood tests, they discovered that he was suffering from a bacterial infection along with a rare fungal infection that caused the man to grow fungi in his veins. The strong toxins were directly attacking his system and the doctors had to drain his lungs, which were full of liquid, as quickly as they could to get the toxic compounds out from his body.

Basically, what happened is that he didn’t separate the psilocybin compound that causes the poisonous reaction, which is taken from the proper and professional treatments, and this resulted in the infection that almost killed him.

Luckily for him, the doctors were able to save him on time and after 22 days in the hospital, where he was provided with antibiotics, he was out of danger.