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Dogs are part of our family. They are our daily companions that give us unconditional and honest love like we could not have anywhere else. However, to our regret, dogs’ lives are much shorter than ours and we have to grow up knowing that they will eventually leave this world.

Monty had been Carlos Fresco’s loyal pet for the past 10 years. During the last months, this beautiful labradoodle had been fighting a strong battle against leukemia that he had not finally been able to overcome. The vets informed Carlos that his friend would die in a very short time.

This, as every dog ​​owner would understand, seriously affected Carlos, who for several days could not assimilate that his beloved companion would soon no longer be with him.


Man Gives His Dog The Ultimate Goodbye

When Monty was younger and healthier he went on frequent hikes with Carlos to a mountain in Brecon, Wales. This place became their favorite place to walk together. So Carlos decided to give the farewell that his best friend deserved in the place where he was the happiest.

“I knew Monty was dying as his cancer had returned. He was diagnosed 18 months ago and responded very well to chemotherapy,” said Carlos.

Carlos took Monty on the last excursion and as the dog was so weak he had to carry him up in a wheelbarrow and seemed to enjoy all the fuss and attention received by so many people on the mountain who expressed their joy and sadness at the same time once they heard the full story.

The photos of these two inseparable friends at the top of the hill fill us with tenderness and make us think about the importance of friendship in life. Monty has since passed away a few weeks ago but the memory of his life will remain in Carlos’s heart forever.