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Never before could the phrase “let’s address the elephant in the room” have been used so literally. A video recently went viral in which an elephant can be seen literally entering the kitchen of a house in Thailand through a huge hole in the wall.

The hole in the wall was already there since a month ago another elephant had crashed into the house and caused a part of the wall to come off. The family that lives in that house had not yet been able to repair the damage caused by the impact.

This unexpected visitor is a wild Asian elephant who seems to be in the area looking for food so when he sensed food smells he decided to approach the house and it was when he realized that it could fit almost perfectly through the hole in the wall.

Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon is a resident of the Hua Hin district in the western province of Prachuap Khiri Khan and together with the rest of her family they were asleep, it was a night like any other but suddenly they heard some noises in the house.


Video: Elephant Crashes Into Kitchen To Steal Some Food

The woman decided to go and inspect, she got up from her bed, went downstairs and when she entered the kitchen and turned on the light, she saw to her surprise the head of an elephant looming in her kitchen trying to steal food.

“I have seen elephants roaming our city looking for food since I was young. But this is the first time they really damage my house,” Ratchadawan told CNN.

In the impressive video, you can see the half-bodied elephant inside the house looking for food between the cabinets with its trunk, at some point you can even see when it takes a plastic bag and puts it in its mouth.

Finally, and after a very unsuccessful search for food, the elephant left the house and continued on his way, leaving us this incredible moment for the internet.