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The sea is a place full of mysteries and certainly of many dangers, however, none of them prevents us from always wanting to return to the water to explore more and more new places.

Recently Michael Packard was diving off Cape Cod, a peninsula at the eastern end of the state of Massachusetts when he had the most chilling encounter of his entire life with an animal.

Michael, 56, has been working as a diver and fisher for 40 years in that area, so as usual he went to the beach of Herring Cove with his partner and the day was perfect for diving, the weather conditions were favorable and the water was ideal. They got ready and dove. After a few minutes in the water, Michael suddenly received a severe blow to the back and everything went dark.

For a moment Michael was very confused, he did not know exactly what had happened. When he regained his senses, he realized that he was locked up and the first thing he thought was that his attacker had been an immense white shark because these are very common in the area. However, after a few seconds in complete darkness, he began to use his hands to feel up the sides of this strange cage and realized that it had no teeth.

It was there that he learned that he was inside a whale. Almost like the Biblical story of Jonas Michael was trapped inside a humpback whale.

“My God, I am in the mouth of a whale and she is trying to swallow me. That’s right, I’m going to die,'” Michael said about what he was thinking in these endless and scary 40 seconds inside the sea giant.

Ready to die Michael thought of his family, however, from one moment to another the began to shake in a very strange way whale and suddenly, it opened its huge mouth and expelled Michael through the air until he fell into the water.

His partner who had been looking for traces of his friend finally saw him and dragged him back to the boat from where they called the authorities to transfer him to a hospital

These types of whales normally feed on krill and small fish, so it is presumed that swallowing Michael was only a miscalculation when opening his huge mouth.

Michael can still believe what happened to him and neither do we. He is just understandably happy to be alive.