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Sometimes we cannot control nature and no matter how hard we try, it always takes its rightful place in one way or another.

For a few weeks earlier this year, there were multiple sightings of a black bear in residential neighborhoods in northwest Michigan. In addition, this bear had been raiding bird feeders and garbage cans making a real disaster in the area.

After the animal control authorities got involved and after several weeks of “hunting”, they finally managed to find and catch the bear in April. They moved him to the Alpena area where it would have a larger wooded area and where it would be further away from residential areas. However, it seems that the bear really does like the Lake Michigan area.

When they caught this large animal, the authorities implanted a collar and an ear tag to track its movements. For a few days, it stayed in the assigned area but now after several weeks the GPS report of the implanted device shows that this black bear has traveled 90 miles back to the Grand Traverse County.

Arguably, the bear was a bit homesick and decided to make the long journey across the Michigan Peninsula to return home.

At the moment, there have only been a couple of sightings of this animal but it seems that it has not gotten too close to the neighborhoods as there have been no more trash can disasters, nor any of its previous antics. So, for now, the authorities have decided to let it be and allow it to stay in that area that he seems to like so much.

“He’s stubborn. But hopefully, he’s a little bit reformed. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, ” said Steve Griffith, a wildlife biologist for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Traverse City office.

The authorities indicate that this is only one of the more than 10,000 black bears that live in the northern part of the Peninsula, so they assume that the return trip made by this animal is due to the habits learned in that territory, it probably belongs to a herd who lives nearby.

We hope this mischievous bear has learned his lesson and stays out of trouble for months to come.