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Many times a day, space objects meet with Earth on their endless journey. These objects, meteorites, are always much smaller than the Earth so they do not present any threat to our planet as most of them even end up disintegrating in the atmosphere.

Although space agencies around the world are always paying attention and evaluating the space around us trying to detect new objects and to measure more adequately the trajectory of those already known, it is actually impossible to know with absolute precision everything around us and when a new meteorite will impact our planet especially when they are very small.

We rarely find out when a space object has hit us, but it is even rarer to be able to capture the moment on cameras.

Photographer Gunarto Song was in Indonesia taking some photos and videos of the spectacular Merapi volcano, the most active in that country located just about 250 miles southeast of the capital, Jakarta.

Gunarto Song wanted to capture the night landscape of the volcano so he turned on his camera and started recording. What he did not expect was that he would capture the spectacular moment when a meteorite violently entered our planet and impacted directly in the center of the crater of this immense volcano.

A flash of intense green can be seen soaring down vertically through the sky at an impressive speed and entering the volcano. Then everything returned to the previous calm.

The photographer and those who accompanied him were very impressed by the event so he decided to share his experience with the world and published the videos and photos on social networks where they immediately went viral and everyone has been able to enjoy and marvel at an event so spectacular and strange.