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The megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived until just over 2.6 million years ago. This huge and frightening shark is considered one of the greatest predators that have ever existed in the oceans of our planet.

Recently, a viral video shows the passengers of the SSV Corwith Cramer, just off the coast of Massachusetts, are notably impressed by a giant creature that for several minutes swam in circles lurking around the ship.

The astonishment and even fear among those present were evident, many leaned out of the edges of the boat out of curiosity, others when taking a look ran back to seek refuge as if they thought that the shark was going to suddenly jump towards the boat.

Alex Albrecht, coincidentally a student of marine biodiversity, managed to record the best video of the scene, from a high point of the ship where we can all see the immense animal swimming around the ship. The video has now reached more than 50 million views on TikTok.

@.alex.albrechtSailed six weeks in the atlantic saw this big fucking shark♬ original sound – Alex Albrecht

After going viral, a lot of speculation awoke on social media, even with many comments from some people who claimed that it was the prehistoric shark Megalodon a species that measured up to 60 feet and that has become very known in the last few decades thanks to its scientific relevance but also for science fiction.

However, specialists in the area who have seen the video assure that it is of course not a megalodon, but another species of shark that can reach sizes around 40 feet long and several tons in weight. These animals do not pose a threat to humans as their diet consists mostly of plankton in the ocean.

Although it is not a megalodon, this sighting is still surprising, as this endangered species of sharks do not usually swim so close to the east coast of the United States at this time of year.

After all, we are happy that beyond the momentary panic caused by the presence of such a large animal, it has been left only in an anecdote and immortalized in a sensational moment on the internet