How awesome would it be to be able to glow in the dark? Or to be capable of camouflaging yourself to be invisible when you are tired of the world? A lot of animals have incredible abilities that make them unique and allow them to survive in their natural habitats.

These kinds of capacities can’t be done by men, even when science tries to imitate them, humanity can’t have them, so here are 10 animals with special skills that humans would love to have.


10. A Native Alpinist – Goats

via North Cascades

It is common knowledge that mountain goats love to jump across the mountains and hit everything they don’t like with their horns, but they are also great natural alpinists that defy gravity when they want to get to a very high spot. They don’t suffer from any fear of heights and have really strong legs that help them climb up the cliffs in the areas of North America, doing it almost in a total vertical way.


9. Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Chameleon

via CB Reptile

Chameleons are awesome reptiles that are capable of hiding in plain sight. They are camouflage experts since they can change colors and disappear from the backgrounds. This ability is because their skins have a superficial layer full of pigments and under that have cells full of guanine crystals. Chameleons change the spaces between the guanine crystals and that changes the way the light is reflected on them, allowing them to change the tones of their skin.


8. Rainbow Vision – Mantis Shrimps

via NBC News

Despite being so little, mantis shrimps are so strong and fast that they could knock you out with a punch in the face if they don’t like you. They have many abilities besides that, they also have around 16 different photoreceptor cells in their eyes so they can detect an infinity of colors that humans couldn’t even imagine since we only have 3. This spectral tuning lets them see the wavelength of the colors in their environment, which helps to mark their territories where other animals shouldn’t bother them.


7. A Natural Bomb – Bombardier Beetle

via YouTube

There is a toxic insect called the bombardier beetle that can release a hot toxic liquid as soon as it feels threatened. They synthesize the stinky fluid and shoot it to a very long distance if they feel they need to, it is composed of two chemicals, hydroquinone, and hydrogen peroxide. The secretion is highly lethal to some insects and small predators, it can kill them in a few seconds. This bomb can be expelled even when they have been caught and swallowed by their predators, allowing the beetle to harm them from their insides.


6. The Reconstructor – Sea Slugs

via Ever Widening Circles

When sea slugs detect their body is ill or has a parasite on it, they can self-decapitate to get rid of the sick parts and then grow out a whole new body from the head. The entire process takes less than a month, as long as they found a way to keep energy to prevent death, they will be fine and healthy. Another animal that can regrow new anatomy is the starfish, which can grow a new body from their arm.


5. The Invincible – Water Bears

via BBC

Tardigrades, commonly known as water bears, are microscopic creatures that can survive anything. They have lived through 5 extinction periods, they bear extreme temperatures, they can live without water and food for about 10 years, and even can easily live in outer space since their bodies can survive in atmospheric pressures 6,000 times higher than Earth’s. This animal is about 0.02 inches and has been found in all places in the world, from deep seas to mud volcanoes.


4. A Light Under The Sea – Vampire Squid

via The Miracles Of Life

Bioluminescence is a strange quality in the animal kingdom, but the vampire squid has this awesome feature. Vampire squid’s organs light up under the water and it has a particular oxygen metabolism that allows them to swim on the seas with lower oxygen levels. They can decide to turn on or off their light depending on if they are being hunted or are looking for prey. Instead of shooting ink when they are feeling threatened, they release bioluminescent mucus from their tentacles.


3. The Shapeshifter – Sea Cucumbers

via DW

The depths of the sea are full of sea cucumbers that can change their bodies to slide through the cracks of the rocks. They can change it so extremely they seem to turn to a liquid form the minute they feel in danger when they are normally really stiff and firm. They can do this change because of the large amounts of collagen they have and can tell their nervous system to do this whenever they want.


2. Regeneration Power – Axolotl

via Literary Hub

The Mexican amphibian axolotl is capable of growing new limbs, organs, connective tissue, and all the body structure they want whenever they are damaged. This is the only vertebrate animal that can do this phenomenon. The axolotl’s genome is ten times bigger than the human one and it is highly studied to understand how this animal can do this and as a way to find an alternative to treat shattered and lost limbs in humans.


1. Eternal Life – Immortal Jellyfish

via American Museum of Natural History

The immortal jellyfish is a marine species that have lived on Earth many centuries ago. They can rejuvenate their whole body and start a new life from scratch. The process can be done an infinite amount of times so, biologically speaking, jellyfishes are immortal, though they can die because of multiple reasons. This ability makes them one of the main targets for biological, aging, and pharmaceutical research since is an incredible capacity that could make great contributions to modern medicine

The fact that these creatures have their own superpowers is amazing. What skill would you like to have the most?