Five years after being lost in Australia’s Victorian state forest, a sheep – later named Baraack – was found. Strayed among shrubs, the sheep carried with him long and heavy wool that barely allowed her to see, as exactly 78 pounds of tangled and dirty fleece were obstructing her eyes.

Baraack was found in tangled bushes and immediately caught the attention of its saviors: “I couldn’t believe there was actually a sheep alive under all that wool,” said Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary founder, an animal rescue sanctuary north of Melbourne.

Sheep need to get their wool cut at least once a year, especially considering the high temperatures in the Australian summer. That’s why Baraack’s ability to bear that burden for so long is surprising, and although he is worthy of a record, the current mark is held by compatriot Chris, a sheep who amassed a total of 90 pounds of wool.


Baraack The Sheep Gets Massive Haircut

Needless to say, it didn’t take long before Baraack went trending on social media thanks to the content posted on Mission Farm Sanctuary’s accounts, showing the before and after going through an ‘extreme makeover’. The image toured the world with more than 18.5 million people who watched the video.

The exorbitant accumulation of fur from Australian sheep is one of the main issues these animals have to deal with and, unsurprisingly, it’s not natural. According to the non-profit organization Animal Naturals “without human intervention, sheep would only grow enough wool to protect themselves from inclement weather, but the management of commercially desired genetic characteristics have resulted in these animals becoming deformed beings, wool-producing machines.”

That’s yet another example of how human beings can be so harmful to the environment and to innocent animals that shouldn’t have to endure such a big burden. Gladly, Baraack is now fully recovered and will visit the salon as often as needed.