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We can all agree dogs are human’s best friends. They are loyal, adorable and so intelligent. And for all of us that enjoy a dog’s companion, we know their love is unconditional. And even though they can’t put their love into words, they find so many other ways to express their emotions.

There are some signs dogs do that may confirm that indeed the affection is reciprocal. Like for instance, have you ever held long-sustained eye contact with the one you love? How did that make you feel? Pretty sure, you felt safe.

Well, the same exact thing happens with dogs too. We can tell whether a dog is comfortable, happy, and excited simply by looking at them, especially if they’re our pets. In the following paragraphs, we’ll let you know exactly how to know if your dog loves you. Spoiler alert: Yes, he does.


How To Know If My Dog Loves Me?

Holding eye contact with your dog creates a deep trust bond. Some studies have demonstrated that when your dog looks at you, its brain releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. So, if you ever catch your dog staring at you, it means they trust and respect you.

Another way your dog shouts their love for you is by cuddling. When your dog leans against you, they are actually letting you know how safe and good they feel around you. They see you as their protector. Because come on, they could lie anywhere, but instead, they choose to cuddle up with you.

Like eye contact, snuggling deepens the bond with your dog. So now you have another excuse to cuddle up and take a nap on the couch with your best buddy.

In addition to eye contact and cuddling, have you ever noticed how your dog greets you every time you come back home? Well, let me tell you, that’s another sign of love. This enthusiastic welcome is so genuine that it’s one of the best sensations you can experience when owning a dog.

Dogs can’t fake excitement. So when they see you go through that door and start to wag their tail, lick you everywhere, or even pee a little bit, feel privileged for they are absolutely happy to have you back home.

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and perceptive. How many times has your dog come to you when you were feeling a little blue? Every time your dog gets close to you, they are actually checking on you, making sure you’re nearby, and that everything’s okay. Because they care about you. After all, you’re their favorite person in the whole world.

Does your dog do any of these things to show you how much they love you?