Today, the animal-free movement is gaining more and more popularity. Many companies are producing new systems to eliminate animal-origin products and to save millions of animals in order to also collaborate on climate change.

Now a new discovery has been made: a fungi-based leather. The leather is believed to replace leather extracted from animal skin.

The initiative was thought to find a new climate change solution and to save millions of animals. It has been made by Bolt Threads.

Bolt Threads partnered with a company that grows mycelium to come up with a material to replace leather extracted from animal skin. Mushroom root is thought to make further progress on these alternatives already known to ecologists. The mycelium reproduces in a controlled environment that simulates its natural growing conditions.

Bolt Threads purchases significant quantities of sawdust produced by the industry in the carpentry and joinery industry. The production of the mushroom is received in stacked trays for a process in which the mushroom is going to be tanned like conventional leather.

The name of the material is Mylo and it is expected to be commercially distributed in the near future. The creation of Bolt Threads may set a precedent for known options for replacing animal leather.

The company’s commercial alliances have led it to carry out a study of the tanning of this vegan leather. In this task, any chemical such as chromium is removed.

The aforementioned company has been able to achieve 5,000 interactions of the material. This leather is much more natural than the synthetic or plastic versions found on the market.

Trademarks such as Adidas, Stella McCartney, Lululemon, and Gucci’s parent company, Kering, have partnered to invest in this wonderful material. These companies are allowing Mylo to be a high-quality leather alternative at a price comparable to leather. However, we must be patient since that will take a few years.