Since 2019, the young Bulgarian Andrea Ivanova has become famous in networks for her protruding lips. Of course, this characteristic is not natural, it is the product of more than 20 surgeries, including hyaluronic acid injections. That process has been documented and shared with her followers since 2013.

Andrea is not afraid of the risks of excessive use of hyaluronic acid and, in the face of her criticism, she replies that she feels beautiful with her big lips and that her self-esteem has improved.

“I really like my lips. After injecting myself it was difficult to eat, but the discomfort passed over time. I think my lips are adorable and I love them,” said Andrea.

In recent days, she has gone viral on social media for her decision to open her account on OnlyFans. For this new challenge and to please fans who are willing to pay a few tens of dollars, she has increased her breasts. The surgery was performed last January and cost about 3,000 euros and now Andrea has a bust four times larger than she fits in a C cup bra.

Those constant visits to the operating room of her have caused hundreds of criticisms and many suggest that she has a mental disorder. To which she replies that she is not addicted to surgeries and that her changes are due to dreams she had since she was little. She also claims that proof of how beautiful she looks is the daily increase in followers on the networks. She aspires that the success of her lips, added to the increase of her breasts, continue in her account of OnlyFans of hers.

Despite what Andrea claims, psychologists say that it is quite likely that she suffers from dysmorphophobia, an obsessive disorder of people to transform her body or correct alleged imperfections. Those who suffer from it acquire an addiction to plastic surgery and modify their bodies in an extreme way and their facial aspects in an extreme way. Usually, this practice ends in deformation.