via Metro

A 54-year-old Briton suffering from polycystic kidney disease will undergo surgery in July to remove both kidneys, which have grown so out of proportion that they almost prevent him from breathing. Doctors do not know the exact size of the kidneys, but they estimate that they weigh between 60 and 70 pounds each. Symptoms of the disease appeared 15 years ago when Warren Higgs suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed.

Since then, he has suffered 6 other attacks that have caused brain damage in both hemispheres. Although his kidneys maintained their function, they grew so much that they even managed to crush a large part of his lungs and stomach.

Last June, through a post on Facebook, Warren commented that he was ready to get surgery that would remove his kidneys and try to maintain a better life.

“I am worried about the surgery, but I have no other choice. I have been told that without it I would have about 6-12 months to live” said Warren excited and at the same time scared.

Once the surgery was performed, the recovery was quite slow, but everything went well, the doctor in charge of the procedure stated in a press conference.

Now, he’s on the road to recovery, but waiting for a new kidney is a real source of stress. Thanks to the help of the taxi company Windsor Cars and the charity organization Driven Forward Warren, once recovered, he was equipped with an electric tricycle that will allow him to live a quieter life, and above all, fend for himself.

Warren is willing to donate one of the kidneys to science, although he hopes he can keep the second. “I want to place them in the fireplace,” says the British man.