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After being informed that she had less than 12 months to live earlier this year, a 20-year-old is now enjoying a new life after receiving a heart transplant. Eliza Bell, who lives in Cornwall, was born with Danon disease, a rare genetic condition that weakens the heart. Eliza was 16 when she found out she needed a transplant, having dealt with her heart condition since she was 12 years old, but this was something she had learned to live with.

However, by age 18, Eliza’s condition had started to really affect her, hampering everyday activities like walking up the stairs or running for a bus. Then, at the age of 20, she received the worst possible news during an evaluation.

“I felt that my life was over there, I was still breathing but I had nothing else to live for, I remember talking to my brother and being in a really low place and feeling that there was no more to fight for,” Eliza told UNILAD.

Due to her height of 5 feet and rare blood type, it proved harder to find a suitable heart. It took five months for a match to be found and a month of that was spent waiting in hospital is supported by an IV dopamine drip to help the function of the heart.

After so many ups and downs, Eliza’s life took an unexpected turn, and today she enjoys life like any healthy young woman. She got a chance in life.

She recently started a podcast called “Transplants chat with Eliza” where she tells her story and talks with patients in similar conditions.

“The people in the online transplant community motivate me to continue with this podcast. I have had so many messages from strangers saying how the podcast has made them feel less lonely,” she commented on the show.

“Given them hope for their transplants and the realization that life can be good after their surgery,” he added.

Eliza is now a million miles away from the girl who could once only see a dark tunnel ahead and is now looking very much to a bright and happy future.