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Living a traumatic experience in a hairdresser is something that unfortunately many of us have lived. Making panic take control when it comes to re-entering one and, on many occasions, we end up betting on a haircut at home that is frankly never the same. After knowing this story, you will surely think twice before going to a salon again. A young woman has shared on her TikTok the bad experience she had in a hairdresser.

Jackie visited the salon to have a lighter tint applied to the one she already had, and so to make sure there was no doubt she showed the hairdresser a picture of the color she wanted. But the result was not at all what was expected.

Although the hair was visibly lighter, it was clearly in very poor condition and looked like it had been ‘fried’ from all the bleach and heat it had been inflicted with. The girl intends to take legal action against the hairdresser, meanwhile, the story became popular and many stylists offered their services to fix the poor job they did to her.

Thousands of people flocked to the comments section to share their horror over the botched hair job, with many commenting to say the hairdresser had literally ‘fried’ her hair.

“It’s worse than what I had expected. I am so sorry for you! I hope you didn’t have to pay for that,” one user commented.

Jackie tried an upgrade for the summer season but it ended in horror.

In a video that was recently uploaded, it is seen that he took the advice of a stylist and was able to fix what they had done with her hair. Unfortunately, she will never forget the experience again and she will surely think twice before retouching her hair.