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One woman found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her just as he started talking in his sleep. In the morning the boyfriend, very clever, replied that she had only been “a friend from school”, however, the girl did not want to remain arms crossed and went on to discovered many more lies. The woman began to arouse suspicions about her boyfriend when while he was sleeping he was talking and naming people, she was sleeping one night and accidentally he yelled another woman’s name.

It really doesn’t get any more awkward than that. It is common to find a story on the internet where a hoax is discovered, either through own fault or carelessness.

Either through not very well-kept photographs or even audios, where another voice is heard in the background, however, this boy practically confessed to his girlfriend that he was cheating on her.

According to what the woman said on Tik Tok, her boyfriend went to sleep, while she was still awake by his side, 10 or 15 minutes later she began to hear him say the name of another woman.

Although at that moment she did not want to be alarmed, things began to go in another direction. When she had time, the first thing she did was find who this woman was. She got it through Facebook and wrote to the mysterious lady, the answer was the opposite of what she expected to read.

“Stop meddling in our affairs, I know you’re his crazy ex-girlfriend.”

To which she replied that it wasn’t like that at all and that she had been lied to too. Before this message it was clear what was happening, a few days later she decided to put an end to the relationship. She even reported a cell phone she paid for as stolen since he refused to return it to her.

In addition, the boyfriend never went to look for his things so she decided to sell them through eBay and thus recover some money that she had lost buying things for her cheating ex-boyfriend.


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