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Once again social media has surprised us. This time it was a 25-year-old TikToker who thought it was a good idea to chug an excessive amount of energy powder. Unfortunately for him, this backfired and turned into a medical emergency. The event was shared on YouTube by Bernard Hsu, who explained that the affected was a fitness TikToker named JA, who recently had gotten into a new trend called dry-scooping. This practice started as a way to digest the pre-workout supplements quicker, but that can actually be really dangerous.

Dry-scooping consists in consuming the supplement powder directly in the mouth rather than dissolving it into water. JA was determined to do this trend in order to get 100,000 new followers.

The trend went wrong from the beginning. JA first stated that he felt like he was choking after having two scoops, but he continued to get the perfect video. By the time he had four scoops, he changed things a little bit by simply mixing it with water to give it a comedy turn.

However, this supplement is loaded with different compounds like caffeine, and creatine, that pass as a focus energy blend, but in big amounts can be harmful to the organism. This caused him that once he was ready to go to the gym, he started to feel kind of bad.

He didn’t even start to work out before he was sweating, his heart was beating scarily fast, his eyes began to bulge, and he had an instant headache, still, he started to lift weights. He was taken to the doctor by his mother, who showed the TikTok to the doctors, who had no previous idea what was wrong with him.

After several analyses, the doctors found out that his brain expanded inside his skull, which caused internal bleeding. It was all the result of eight scoops of supplement along with the heavy lifting that made JA’s blood pressure rise quickly until his brain suffered a stroke.

Unfortunately, JA isn’t the first or last young person who had to be admitted into a hospital after doing the dry-scooping trend. Thousands of people across the world had suffered heart attacks, and even asphyxia from the powder clogging the airway.

A lot of these supplements don’t explain all of their compounds, and several aren’t even approved by the FDA. When consuming these energy powders it is recommended to be cautious rather than abuse them before every workout, since a spoon of it can have three times more caffeine than a cup of coffee.