via KOMO

A woman was cruelly kicked out of a restaurant and suggested never to return after breastfeeding her newborn baby while waiting for her family to arrive.

“We were told to leave and never come back, after sitting for 45 minutes waiting for service with my six-year-old niece and two-year-old son,” explained Ruby Meeden.

The owner of the establishment justifies his decision after the stunned family left a negative review on Google.

“Never again bring your brats to breastfeed here. My restaurant, my rules. Be like decent people, not like animals, there are places for everything and this place is not for breastfeeding your children, sorry” said the owner of the place.

After a few minutes, the owner of the place approached them on the street where he continued yelling at them and asking them to leave the premises.

In a peaceful way, Aaron, Ruby’s husband asked what was happening, but the manager of the establishment did not elaborate and simply told them never to return. After the incident, Aaron explained what had happened in a Facebook post and also shared a message from the restaurant owner.

After Aaron shared their experience on the town’s community Facebook page, around two dozen mums in the area held a protest outside of the restaurant and planned to confront the owner.

Speaking to Seattle-based KOMO News, a protester named Megan Stevens said: “You will have to answer for it one way or another because it is illegal to kick a woman out for breastfeeding.”

During that day the place decided to offer only take-out orders before closing the restaurant early. And he deleted his Facebook and Instagram pages.

The mothers’ organization tries to bring this case to justice, as it is degrading and even involves a situation of verbal and psychological abuse.