via Asian Newstable

Pandemic COVID-19 has brought many surprises around the globe, and its vaccination hasn’t been the exception. In Malaysia, over 50% of the population has been already fully vaccinated. And more people are getting the vaccine in order to finally put an end to this pandemic.

However, a few weeks ago, people waiting to get vaccinated against COVID-19 were surprised by a Tyrannosaurus Rex arriving in line behind them.

The event traveled the whole planet as people on the internet asked who’s the person behind the T-rex costume. But let’s get real, imagine being in line and seeing a huge dinosaur waiting with you to get its COVID-A9 vaccine.

Although there was no need to be scared, people were amazed and found it kind of funny.

In the end, it was Kenny Sia, a 39-year-old fitness instructor, who dressed up for his Sunday date in a full dinosaur costume to amuse the people at the Kuching vaccination center, the capital of the state of Sarawak, in Malaysia.

Sia said he chose to wear the costume to make people laugh and to protect himself.

Malaysia has vaccinated around 50% of its population, faster than most of its neighbors, although the number of recorded infections remains high. The country has confirmed a total number of infections to 844,870, the third-highest in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and the Philippines.