Diabetes is undoubtedly one of the most common diseases in the world today, helping to detect it in the early stages can mean the difference between a normal life or a fairly complicated routine.

For this pathology, it is important to control the sugar levels in the urine during the early stages. Technology represents an attractive solution, especially when implemented in favor of patients.

In a recent study, scientists from the Tokyo University of Sciences developed a diaper that generates the necessary electricity directly from urine using a biofuel cell. The device can wirelessly transmit the measured glucose concentration in the urine, helping to prevent diabetes and simplifying patient care.

Thanks to modern science and medicine, we now know much more about the first signs of certain diseases and what biomarkers to look for.

In cases where patients have low urine volumes, cell installation is challenging as the flow of fluid activates the sensor. In addition to monitoring glucose in diabetes situations, if you consume sugar in advance, you can use diaper sensors to remotely check urine.

“On a regular basis, the proposed device can take a lot of weight off the caregiver’s shoulders,” one of the project’s students told a local newspaper.

The electricity generated by the biosensor powers a Bluetooth low energy transmitter that sends the glucose concentration wirelessly to a smartphone.

The researchers point out that it is very fast, in about a second it manages to collect data for reading. At this time, there is no indication of when the sensor might be available for commercial use.

In the first stage, the device will be academically tested, once approved the Japanese medical association plans to supply the main hospitals in the country.

“We believe that the concept developed in this study could be a very promising tool for the general development of self-powered portable biosensors,” said Dr. Citanda.

Sensors designed by Dr. Citanda’s team can not only prevent diabetes but also make diaper handling more efficient and responsive without harming the environment.