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Everybody has their taste when it comes to food, some people can be very picky while others eat whatever is in front of them, but we all have our own weird preferences that are kept secret because everyone would think we are crazy.

Still, it is not a secret that pregnant women usually have sudden and temporary cravings that they wouldn’t normally even think of eating without vomiting. They can’t keep their odd munchies to themselves since they have a psychological need to eat them.

Sometimes they want to eat pasta with chocolate, an apple with hot sauce, or even a bar of soap, but why do they need to consume this? Why do their brains create such a needy feeling that they won’t be happy until they eat their particular craving?

All types of cravings start in the first trimester as soon as the hormones start to go crazy. They don’t necessarily have to be weird edibles, it can be their favorite cookies or a salad, but they are mainly because of the hormonal changes their body is going through.

Furthermore, there are a lot of theories that say that cravings are not only because of hormones. Some studies say that it could be because of a vitamin B deficiency that causes the need to eat chocolate, or when the body needs proteins and wants to eat red meat. It depends on what the organism thinks is needed.


Psychological Cravings

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The psychological ambit is also very important, the level of anxiety that is caused by pregnancy is very high and this creates an unsatisfied feeling along with a need for affection that is fought by constantly eating food, especially things that aren’t part of the normal diet like a whole cake in one sitting.

Something similar happens with nausea when they are near a specific food or smell that they used to like but now they have to avoid. Usually, this happens with strong odors that affect the amplified senses. In the end, there is no need to fight against the cravings, even though it can be the most disgusting thing you could ever think of, it is better to give the baby what they want and keep them happy and satisfied.

Now, when they start to eat inedible stuff like dirt, chalk, grass, or whatever, a psychological phenomenon called pica starts. This is also the way the nervous system manifests that the body has a nutritional deficit it needs to be compensated for by eating these things which have a stronger scent and would represent a bigger source of vitamins or other compounds. This is when it gets dangerous and when a doctor should step in.