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Lately, people are doing really crazy things on Social Media. And it gets worse when it comes to gaining more followers. That is the case of several influencers that have done really crazy stuff just to get more views…

But things don’t always come out as planned, do they? That is the case of the Brazilian model Caila Carim who shared a video that shows her preparing a smoothie made out of her placenta two days after giving birth.

And yes, she drank it. This act wasn’t received by her audience in the way she expected. In fact, she was harshly criticized. It was pretty much a controversial video, no doubt.


Placenta Equals Acai?

Brazilian actress and model Caila Carim gave birth to a girl on April 14. Two days later, she posted a video on her social media that showed one of her friends preparing to cut the placenta before adding it to a smoothie mix that she would later consume.

The influencer who has more than 230 thousand followers on her Instagram account filmed herself taking a drink of the smoothie before commenting that it tasted like the Amazonian fruit “acai”.

Once she had a drink of the controversial “juice” she can be heard asking her friend if she wanted to try it, to which the woman replied “no”. The video, logically, has caused a wave of criticism on social networks. Many of her followers suggested the influencer only did it to get attention.

The overwhelming reaction of users caused Caila to write a response on her Twitter account: “People called me sick because I took a sip of my placenta. Sick are the ones who feel disgusted by it.”

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of a woman’s uterus during pregnancy and acts as a link between the mother’s blood supply and the baby. It is usually discarded after delivery, however, more and more women have chosen to consume it, believing that eating the placenta can increase energy, stimulate breast milk production, and even prevent postpartum depression.

Placentophagy has been a growing trend throughout the Western world in recent years, particularly in the United States, with people like Kim Kardashian touting its benefits.