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This might be new for you, but as a matter of fact, to touch an afro is considered disrespectful. As it turns out, it is a form of racism. A TikToker explains it all in a video that went viral where she exposes that this attitude is in fact racist.

Through a video posted on her social networks, a TikToker denounced the racist behavior of which she was the victim of a white woman when this stranger approached her to ask if her hair was real and tried to touch it.

Many people tried to justify the lack of respect from the white woman but the video, that went viral, clearly exposes a form of racism. The TikToker explained that this is disrespectful behavior for they are exoticizing her person.

The incident occurred in a bathroom of a public establishment when the TikToker Mugiwara Mani was recording a video and a stranger wanted to touch her afro.

And, even if you don’t think so, apparently, this type of behavior is a recurring act from the white community in the United States towards African Americans. This is the reason it was exposed on social networks as a lack of respect and a sign of racism.

“Black women are not dramatic when we say that this happens more often than you think. You don’t care and you don’t listen. If I wasn’t in front of the camera, you’d think I was exaggerating as usual,” said Mugiwara in her Twitter account.


Going Viral

Well, as can be seen in the video, despite the fact that the young Afro-descendant tells the stranger that she cannot touch her hair and even turns back, she insists on touching her afro. Therefore, on Twitter, users have pointed out that the white woman exoticized the Afro-descendant, since, apparently, she perceived the appearance of the black woman as an object of her entertainment.

The white woman was very insistent and crossed limits of respect. Through her account on TikTok, Mugiwara pointed out that this type of behavior is invading her privacy.

On Twitter, the testimonies of other women who have suffered acts like this were also shared in the Mugiwara Mani thread which went viral, exceeding 257 thousand Likes and sharing it more than 47 thousand times.