via NPR

Water towers are an indisputable symbol of most towns and cities in America, can you imagine being the owner of one of them, even being able to put your name on it.

Brooksville is a city in Hernando County, Florida. West of the southern state. In that place an administrative error caused a man to temporarily receive a free gift with his purchase: the city’s water tower.

The local council made the mistake when businessman Bobby Read approached them in April to buy a small business and a garage under the tower.

Bobby Read planned to build a gym in a municipal building located below the Brooksville water tower. The man submitted his offer and bought the property for $55,000.

After the sale was finalized, the Florida citizen sought the address of his new property at the county property appraiser’s office, where he was informed that he was the new owner of the city water tower.

The Tampa Bay Times indicated that Read, upon realizing this fact, transferred ownership of the tower back to the city in South Florida. The incident created a stir in the community, prompting the director of the city’s redevelopment agency to resign.

While Read officially owned the water tower for a little over a week, he never had keys or access to the property. A small fee of $10 was all it took to sign the property back to the city, and Kutney said the city maintains an “outstanding” relationship with the businessman as he starts renovating the building for his new gym.

For now, Brooksville Major Pat Brayton confirmed that the city is out of troubled waters.

“The mistake happened, but you know, when the mistake happens, you just correct it and you carry on,” he said.

This was a weird mistake, to say the least.