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Blindness is defined as a lack of vision. We all know what it is. However, we could admit there are many things we do not know about blind people. And no, I’m not talking just about Braille, the “blind language”.

There are a lot of things we might wonder about how blind people might do some stuff, but come on, who will ever ask? We are just too timid to even think about it. Particularly when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Be ashamed no more for we have brought to you the answer to the question you might have been asking yourself way too long… How do blind people know when to stop wiping? And yes, you know what I’m referring to…


The Facts

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Visual deficiency, regardless of whether a visual disability or full lawful visual impairment, is more common than you think. It is in fact a regular battle for more than 3.4 million Americans beyond 40 years old. Individuals enduring visual impairment or vision issues face a higher danger for social segregation, family stress, inconvenience dozing, sudden passing, and other constant ailments.

Despite potential cures that are not too far off, research has shown that vision loss can be caused by medical conditions like diabetes and Parkinson’s. So this is why they are expected to decrease in the following forty years because of better treatment and endurance rates.


So, How Do The Blind Know When To Stop Wiping?

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As valid as this question is, it doesn’t make it any less difficult to ask... People around the world usually use water rather than toilet paper to wipe themselves after going to the bathroom. By using a bidet or any other machine with reasonable pressure, you can make sure to spray the water in order for it to clean yourself. After that, you just use regular toilet paper to dry.

But what happens when they are in a public restroom with no access to a bidet? Well, they use a tactile response, like when they are wiping anything else, including a smudge on his face or a spill.

They pay extreme attention to how the TP slides -or not- across their backside. If it’s a rougher slide then it needs to be cleaner. Next time you go to the bathroom, try paying attention to how things feel back there and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to predict when you’re completely clean without looking.