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Many times we do everything to get someone’s attention or to at least like those around us. Our actions can vary according to our social skills and can also vary in their level of success.

Some people seem to master the ways of connecting with new people, but many others do not, and that is when the internet comes in. As it has become customary in recent years, online we can find tutorials and videos with information about absolutely everything, including how to make people like you.

That is why a series of videos shared on TikTok by Coach Francesca (@francescapsychology) recently went viral in which she shares some of the most effective tips to get the attention of our peers, make a good impression and achieve almost with total certainty that they will like you.

Coach Francesca shares information of this type daily, which has proven to very useful for thousands of people on social media, which has earned her more than 200,000 followers on TikTok.


TikToker Explains How To Make People Like You

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In the video, Francesca points out three simple behaviors that a person can perform to ensure that others like them. These range from asking for a simple favor, calling people by their names, and waiting before responding during a conversation.

Francesca explains the three tips in a summarized but concise way in which she details the psychological consequence that causes immediate subconscious “approval” of one person by another.

Although it may seem obvious, this type of advice can help with the social skills of thousands of people and this is remarkable when seeing the thousands of comments from hundreds of people thanking her for the tips or simply expressing their amazement at something so simple that perhaps they had not noticed or thought about before but that could change the way they relate to others.