via Al Jazeera

During the last days, the news was released that the president of Haiti was assassinated in his home while he was sleeping. A commando group of mercenaries entered his residence and began firing bursts of bullets that finally ended the life of the president of this Caribbean island.

The forensic report indicates that Jovenel Moise had twelve bullet wounds from high-caliber weapons.

“They found him lying on his back: blue pants, white shirt stained with blood, open mouth, pierced left eye. We saw a bullet hole in the forehead, one in each nipple, three in the hip, one in the abdomen,” said the judge in charge of the case.

The two children of the president were also in the house but luckily they were not injured. The first lady did not run with the same fortune and she received several gunshots and is in critical condition in a Miami hospital.

The police authorities reported that after the attack, intense persecution of the mercenaries began until a subsequent confrontation that resulted in the death of at least four of them and the arrest of two more. It was also known that the policemen who had been taken hostage were successfully rescued.


Mercenaries Have Yet To Be Revealed

via Buenos Aires Times

The identity, nationality, or motives for why these mercenaries decided to attack the president of Haiti have not yet been revealed but the event adds to a long list of violent clashes immersed in the current political crisis in that country.

Haiti had a series of parliamentary and constitutional reform elections scheduled for September of this year and the remaining authorities in charge affirm that they will not succumb to the intimidation attempts and that despite the situation they will continue with the established schedule and will have free and inclusive elections. They trust that this is the best way to defuse political tensions.

The case is still under development and more news will likely be available in the coming weeks as the investigations continue.