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Thanks to our modern technologies and the Internet we can do a lot of things that we wouldn’t have been able to do twenty years ago. Watching things live that happens in another country, talking in video chat with our relatives that are far away, and millions of other stuff.

These tools have been very handy in the context of the pandemic that has struck during the last year. Zoom became a daily platform that we use to attend online school, checking on our loved ones and job meetings in the home office. Many funny things had gone viral after they were recorded by a Zoom user, but this doctor went to another whole level.

Dr. Scott Green, a plastic surgeon from Sacramento paid his duty to the community attending court on zoom, which isn’t such a weird thing during the coronavirus days, but this guy appeared in front of the Sacramento Superior Court for his trial while operating a facelift.

Though the authorities immediately noticed that Green was kind of busy since his scrubs and the beeping of the medical machines exposed him, he affirmed he was ready for the session. The courtroom clerk asked him if he was available for trial which he responded that in fact, he was available.

The trial was being live-streamed because he was attending for a traffic violation, which is mandatory public. He was totally aware of this and continued to wait for his charges while working on the patient until Court Commissioner Gary Link entered the chamber.

Link, of course, wasn’t near comfortable with beginning the trial since the situation was extremely inappropriate to what Green responded that another surgeon was with him and that they could go on with the operation while he focused on the trial. The commissioner denied this and decided to settle a new date when the welfare of a patient wasn’t on the line.


Zoom Doctor Defends Himself

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After the incident went viral internationally, Green defended himself stating that the trial was supposed to be somewhere between 3 and 5 pm and that he was hopeful to have ended the surgery by then, which wasn’t the case. Also, he highlighted the fact that this was a very routinary procedure and that he trusted his partner to carry the rest of the operation, but this didn’t stop the critics he received.

What started as a traffic violation ended as an investigation by the Medical Board of California into the ethics of this doctor regarding the care of his patients while giving them the correct conditions to preserve their health.