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Sleeping is one of my favorite things in the world to do. But, surprisingly, some people actually hate to sleep. The reason – almost all the time – is because they are uncomfortable when they sleep. However, sleep is a big part of our lives, even if we are not getting the eight hours we should get.

Your sleeping position – plus your bed and the pillows you use – play a big role in your sleep quality. So, if you felt not rested after a night of sleep, it might be time for you to switch it up.

But first, you need to know that there are different sleep positions. Yet, every human is unique. So, what’s important is that you find the sleep position that works for you – and your body – sleep needs. I’m going to share with you what are the two best positions to sleep in – and which one is not so good for you – or anyone else.


Best Positions To Sleep In

Flat On Your Back

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Sleeping on your back is one of the most beneficial positions. You only need a pillow to support your head, and that’s it. This position not only protects your spine but also helps relieve hip and knee pain. When you sleep on your back, gravity keeps your body aligned over your spine, reducing any pressure on your back or joints. To make this even better, if you put a pillow behind your knees it would help support the natural curve of your back.


Sleeping On Your Side

This is a really good sleeping position. It usually involves lying on one side (left or right) with a single pillow to support your head. What about the arms? Well, the best thing to do is to extend it over the bed or fold it towards your head. Never put it under the bed. This can cause problems with your arm.

Some tips to make the most of the benefits of this position are:

  • Your pillow must have the appropriate height so that your neck doesn’t tilt up or down
  • If you have any injury or pain in your shoulder, this position is not recommended.
  • To give your hips and legs better support and prevent rotation, it is best to put a pillow – or two, depending on your height – between your knees
  • It is advisable to hug a pillow to avoid ending up lying on your stomach.


The Worst Sleeping Position

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If we had to rank sleeping positions, lying on your stomach – or stomach sleeping – might be at the bottom of the list. Let’s explain why.

The characteristics of this position are that people lie on their stomach – with or without a pillow – and have to lean the head to one side which is inevitable. So, the negative consequences of sleeping this way are that we are putting our spine into a little bit of extension and tightening down all of the muscles that are above the back.

Also, we put our cervical spine not only into a rotation but also into a twist and stay that way for hours while sleeping, which causes neck pain. Besides, the lower back tends to curve a lot in this position resulting in back issues. That’s why it’s recommended to see a specialist to help you change – little by little – the way you sleep to one that is more beneficial, and less painful.