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We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at some point and of course, we’ve even thought a bit further about where and how we would be spending the prize money. A young American named James has it more than clear and has made it known in a live connection on KSLA TV, an affiliate channel of CBS, in Shreveport.

The reporter, named Kori Johnson, was starring in a report on Powerball, the United States sweepstakes that had reached a jackpot of $699.8 million. After four months without anyone winning, the lottery had that accumulated and everyone was excited about the prize.

In the place, Johnson began to interview those present and one of the answers went viral:

“I would buy a new Mustang supercharger with double exhaust and approximately 10 pounds of cocaine. And that would be it!”, Responded a young man approached by the journalist.

For her part, the reporter reacted in a very professional way, completely ignoring the mountain of drugs that would be bought with the millions of the Powerball. Johnson later joked with KSLA host Doug Warner, who was back in the studio.

“I don’t like cars. I don’t know what I would do with all that money. I’d have to sit on it, pray for a day. Find out what I want to do with it, ”she said.

Neither Johnson nor Warner addressed James’ comments on the air, but Johnson earned praise for the way he handled the match.

One of the comments he received on Twitter was “You kept rolling though, I would’ve fallen out”.

Another user related to when a child says something totally out of place, “You just kind of talk past the insanity and focus on something somewhat normal to stay calm.”

Be that as it may, James has not been able to fulfill his dream, since the winning ticket has finally fallen to Chicago.