Mayo is something many of us will consume on a regular basis, whether it’s a spread on sandwiches or to dip our fries. However, social media went wild when Hellmann’s, best known for its mayonnaise, urged fans to put the egg sauce in their coffee. That’s correct, you read that right.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise caused quite a stir on Twitter after making a post that read “May in your coffee. That’s right, that’s the tweet.” In fact, the company doubled down on its argument in a second tweet.

“No, it’s not a mistake, mayonnaise in your coffee.”

Where did all this start? As always, on Tik Tok, a quarterback from the University of Kentucky uploaded a video to social media putting the sauce in his coffee, and it quickly went viral.

The player mentioned after the popularity of his video that “Creating beef among mayonnaise companies was not necessarily on my to-do list this week.”

In another tweet, Hellmann’s described the benefits of putting mayonnaise in your coffee, and they said they include: “mayonnaise in your coffee and coffee in your mayonnaise.”

Unsurprisingly, the thread racked up thousands of comments from people who just weren’t getting it. Hellmann’s had previously posted a few other out-of-the-box suggestions for May, which didn’t cause as much of a stir.

Like your hope of trying mayo on a grilled cheese sandwich. That’s wrong on the normal side, right? After all, sandwiches are familiar mayo territory. But this … this is different. Sure, we could all have had a buttered coffee, but are we ready to take it to the next level?

American singer, Dionne Warwick, was horrified by the idea and even went as far as blocking Hellmann’s account. Ultimately many people hated the idea, even one user replied: “I love you intensely, Hellmann’s, but this tweet is pure violence.”