It is normal to forget that celebrities were once regular people and that a lot of them do the same daily things as we do. They have fears, likes, and dislikes because even though they got lucky and got to the peak of stardom, they‘re still mortal people who had been close to passing away, so today we are going to talk about 10 celebrities near-death experiences.


10. Emilia Clarke

The Game Of Thrones actress has talked about her near-death experiences in the past. Emilia Clarke was close to dying twice, by the same cause, a brain aneurysm after filming season one of the show, and then again a couple of seasons later. Both times she needed surgery, but the second time she really thought she wasn’t going to make it, fortunately, her recovery went perfectly.


9. Eminem

The rapper has gone through tough times because of his substance abuse, but his near-death experience was a wake-up call for him. Eminem had an overdose in late 2007 due to excessive consumption of prescription drugs. He relapsed less than a month later, but when he noticed that he was doing the same thing in the same place, he knew he hit rock bottom and decided to change.


8. Dylan O’Brien

The release of the last Maze Runner movie had to be delayed because of Dylan O’Brien’s life-threatening accident. The lead actor was doing a stunt that went horribly after the harness pulled him into an oncoming vehicle. The crashing resulted in a series of several facial fractures that required a lot of reconstruction surgeries. His face was reconstructed with four plates, and his recovery went well. He spent a few months out of the sets after finishing the movie until he confronted his fears by filming American Assassin.


7. Kevin Hart

via Black Enterprise

A car crash that resulted in three spine fractures was a traumatic event that almost killed Kevin Hart. He was late at night in his car along with a friend who was driving, and lost control of the engine and took them into a ditch in the Malibu Hills. Kevin spent over a year in physical therapy, but he states that the experience changed his life completely, because it was like he was resurrected.


6. Travis Barker

Travis Barker, Blink-182’s drummer, has been known for his fear of planes since 2008. He was in a terrible and deadly airplane crash that he described in his autobiography. Though he survived with second and third-degree burns, four people that were flying with him died. However, he confronted this fear for the first time a few months earlier this year, when he traveled to Mexico with his fianceè Kourtney Kardashian.


5. 50 Cent

This happened way before 50 Cent became famous, and turned him into the most fearless person in the world, according to himself. He was cold-shot nine times, which caused him to spend 13 weeks in the hospital until he was out of danger. The experience inspired him to record his album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, as a way of finding purpose after his traumatic event.


4. Leonardo DiCaprio

If it wasn’t for Edward Norton, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t have made it after this life-threatening event. Both actors are really good friends and were scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands, but things started to go badly after Norton noticed that there was something wrong with Leo’s oxygen tank. He acted quickly and swam near to him and shared his tank, to then go back to the surface together.


3. Elizabeth Taylor

When Elizabeth Taylor was out of this world for about five minutes while she was laying on an operating table, she saw her soul and her third husband, who told her she needed to go back to Earth because she had a lot of things to do, then the doctors were able to bring her back to life. The operation happened in 1962, but she talked about it 30 years later in The Oprah Winfrey Show.


2. Sharon Stone

When she was a child, Sharon Stone had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where lightning struck less than an inch away from her jugular and was a miracle that she survived. Still, she was close to death later in her life, when in 2001 she suffered a stroke that she describes as the moment where she met with her beloved and deceased people. She says that these experiences made her not be afraid of dying.


1. Drew Barrymore

If it wasn’t for her dog, Flossie, Drew, and her then-fiancee Tom Green couldn’t go out of their mansion in Beverly Hills after it caught fire while they were sleeping. The Labrador Retriever and Chow Chow mix started to bark desperately and bang the bedroom door until they finally woke up. Drew Barrymore will always be thankful for her dog, who she had talked about a few times in the past.

You never know when your day is gonna come, so a lot of people are changed after an experience similar to one of these. They prefer to enjoy their lives, instead of being afraid of what tomorrow holds.