Have you ever seen the typically hidden headquarters of a villain in the movies? Especially in horror movies, the hidden wall, the hidden entrance, the hidden stairs leading to who knows where…

Well, now imagine it inside your house. You just don’t know it is there until one day, by mistake, you discover it. How creepy would it be, right?

As it turns out, it is not just something you can imagine. It actually happened to teens brothers who discovered a secret entrance hiding into the wall of a bedroom in their house. Are you feeling the goosebumps?

It was a normal day when two brothers made a huge discovery in their house. Behind a bookshelf that was in one of the bedrooms when their parents bought the house, they found a spooky secret entrance. It turns out the bookshelf moves opening as a secret door to an unwelcome entrance. The entrance revealed a secret staircase.

Just like in a horror film, the 15-year-old boy and his little brother decided to descend the stairs. No need to yell, since they won’t be able to hear you. When they finally got to the end of the stairs, they found a wall. “What a fail”, you may think. But you couldn’t be more wrong…

The crawlspace was about halfway down, and even though it looked empty, it wasn’t. The boys found a hideout covered with sheets. Sheets that were theirs. And if that wasn’t enough, there were some recently acquired Halloween candy the boys got. And if you’re feeling that’s not creepy enough, there were two plastic dolls.

The police, after checking the hideout, concluded that someone must have been living inside the wall.

Apparently, the police believe that the strange resident lived there temporarily. “”Apparently, he would come in for periods of time, then leave for a while,” the boy shared.