In Japan, a couple of cats seem to be big art fans. Yet they are denied entry to an art museum.
For years, the persistent duo has been trying to gain entry to the Onomichi City Museum of Art without success. For two years a couple of felines have kept coming back again and again. And the museum hasn’t allowed them entry.

Apparently, they have been trying to get in from a cat photography exhibition in 2016. But the reason is still unknown. Wanna know more?

In 2016, the Onomichi art museum, in Japan, had an exhibition about cats that could be seen from the windows. The museum guard, responsible for letting the cats out of the museum has called one of them Ken-chan, a black cat. He speculates whether the timing was pure coincidence or maybe the cats were interested in the cat exhibition at the gallery. They have been trying ever since.

Some people do believe that Ken-chan saw photos of other cats and wanted to find a new friend, so he kept coming back again and again.

He’s tried it on different occasions and each time he found a “no” answer. In the museum, they already know his intentions, and they try to hold him at the door with all the affection possible. Sometimes he just stands in the doorway, waiting, and meowing as if that would make employees feel guilty and let him in.

But in recent months it has surprised the employees themselves, who now see how it is no longer just one cat, but two. His friend Go-chan , as he has been called, has become yet another attraction. Now, the networks celebrate the presence of these two cats and ask the museum to let them in definitively after two years of waiting. Of course, the museum has already taken the opportunity to launch merchandising.