A woman was shocked after meeting her partner’s parents since what she told was going to be a quiet dinner ended up being practically a work interview.

As she told anonymously on an internet forum, the woman was invited to the home of her boyfriend’s parents, a very wealthy family.

Everything was going well and in the middle of the meeting, his parents started a questionnaire to test if she was good enough for him. She said that the questions continued until she felt like she had been asked about everything, and then they started judging her and discussing between themselves.

In the end, the girl’s discomfort was such that before they carried on with the questionnaire she got up from the table and left.

“I did not want to continue to be judged for the role of the ‘good wife’ that this judgment does not correspond to them, so I left, I feel it was the right thing to do,” she said on the forum.

“His brother, who is in a similar field of work to me, started quizzing me on my work. He asked me kinda rudely if I just got into that field to meet a wealthy man,” he added.

This moved to the house where her fiancé faced her asking why she had left. After talking to her partner, he said that his family was just being protective and she had overreacted.

“You can do much better”, “How horrible you had to fend off all their questions and hazing on your own. I hope your partner at least had your back on some of it” These were some of the reactions that users had on the internet, supporting the girl.

We do not know how this story unfolds after that but we hope they have been able to resolve their differences and remain happily engaged.