Fame usually comes with a high price. Celebrities understand that by becoming globally recognized and having millions of fans it is very likely, if not certain, that they will lose much of their privacy and there is no moment in public when their actions are not being scrutinized, filmed, photographed by fans, or by paparazzi who follow their every move to get some news.

There is not even a going out to dinner without being persecuted and documented by photographers who then publish the information on the internet where it goes viral.

As reported, famous singer Rihanna was recently spotted at San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood walking into a restaurant for dinner. It’s no surprise that the paparazzi knew her exact location and followed her to the site to take some pictures.

What surprised many is that she ran into John Mayer, the singer of ‘The Last Train To Home’ and they were later seen having dinner together. As can be seen in the images, both were dressed casually for the occasion and the content of their conversations is unknown but it is known that John and Rihanna have been close friends for several years.

They allegedly met in 2013, when Mayer was dating Katy Perry, who at the time was a close friend of Rihana’s. Since then, Mayer and Rihanna are reported to have been in constant contact.

The speculations regarding this meeting did not wait, some even claimed that it was a date, however, recently, John Mayer was also seen with Cazzie David (daughter of the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David) in Katsuya, but they both claimed to be only friends.

John has also dated Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston in the last few years, and Rihanna is known to be dating ASAP Rocky since last year. Connoisseurs indicate that the dinner is nothing more than a reunion between two old friends who were exploring the possibility of a collab.