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We can all agree that rice cookers are utensils that make life easier for us. Thanks to its usefulness, we could always think about having one at home. But one man in the Philippines took the concept of “forever” very literally. Khoirul Anam found happiness in her rice cooker so he decided to marry her.

Initially, Khoirul had a full-fledged ceremony where they dressed up and even dressed the rice cooker so they could exchange vows.

After vowing to dedicate his life to the kitchen appliance, he posted some photos on Facebook with a strange caption, praising it for the happiness it brings him. He even wrote vows to the rice cooker “white, loving, obedient”, adding that “without you, my rice is not cooked.”

At the end of this wedding, surely the last thing they threw at the bride and groom was rice. Everything seemed like a fairy tale, because in the end who are we to judge someone else’s love. But after four days on his Instagram account, Amal published that he was managing his divorce.

According to a post on his Instagram account, “married life is not for me, besides she (the rice cooker) does not make much more than rice.”

Shocking, we don’t know what else he expected her to do. Of course, being a non-sentient kitchen object, the rice cooker presumably isn’t the chattiest of life companions.

Apparently, he didn’t think about the past for long. In the next post, he is seen posing with a new rice cooker, but in this case with a blue lid. This shows that true love can be found anywhere, even on supermarket shelves.

We do not know if they will remain as friends, after all, nobody likes to run into their ex every day opening the kitchen cabinets, hopefully, everyone will remain friendly during this difficult period.