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A person’s wedding day is incredibly special and important. Lots of time, money, and stress can go into making sure everything is perfect for that day. But there are some situations that you really can’t plan for. Getting married in the ideal location is one of the hardest choices to make when planning a wedding. But what if that dream place ends up being a nightmare for that special day?

That was the case of Cara Donovan, who is now suing a venue for slipping on the floor of the place. The two times award-winning wedding venue faces charges from this enraged bride as the organization allegedly allowed guests to have drinks on the LED-lit laminated plastic floor.

The dance floor was recommended by the organization so Cara decided it was a good idea. In the middle of the party, Cara slipped because some guests threw their drinks on the floor and she had to leave the place in an ambulance as he had broken his elbow.

In 2018 she underwent the last surgery on her arm however she has not been able to return to work as she is in constant pain. The claim is based on the fact that the tables were placed by the edge of the floor encouraging people to dance and drink, and when people spilled booze on the “highly slippery” surface, staff failed to mop it up.

Cara indicates that the injury now prevents her from driving, typing, and even using a computer keyboard. At the moment the lawsuit is awaiting the defense of the accused party.

This story is one of the many weddings that ended in disasters in recent years, in 2019 also in the UK, a bride was walking down the aisle accompanied by her father, until that moment everything was perfect.

The man who visibly did not look drunk tripped and dragged his daughter to the floor, tearing the entire dress. The woman in the end had to marry the dress of one of her brides made.