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A group of friends set up a steam engine taxi service to take revelers stranded by the fuel shortage crisis to the pub. Kitty McConachie had been out for the day with pals when one of the group realized they didn’t have enough diesel to drive to their favorite watering hole. After one member of the group admitted he had no more fuel left in his car, Will and his father Dave agree to drive them to the pub via steam engine – even later returning to take them home.

Showing that ‘nothing will stop Brits getting to the pub’, 18-year-old Kitty and the group of mates decided to use their friend Will Mansi’s steam engines for a scenic ride around East Sussex.

The group of 30 drinkers then drove down main roads with cars crawling behind them to their local pub, with what should have been a 10-minute drive taking more than an hour.


Video: Group Of Friends Rides Steam Engine To Go Drinking

Some said it would have been faster to walk but in the end, it was quite fun. The less fun part of this is that they had to resort to these means of transport as there is a severe fuel shortage in the place.

“It’s something you don’t expect to see every day, some people were laughing and others were angry because we generated a lot of traffic,” Kitty said in a video on Tik Tok where she initially shared the funny anecdote.

The crisis is now entering its second week. It started when BP was forced to temporarily close some of its service stations earlier in September for the second time in as many months because of a shortage of tanker drivers made worse by the pandemic and Brexit.

The army now started supplying service stations in the United Kingdom to end more than a week of shortages that have forced pumps to close and left motorists without fuel.