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Dating sometimes can be quite tricky and everyone knows there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to trying to be on a successful first date. Talking about exes, not having a topic of conversation, or flirting with absolutely anyone except your date are some of the “forbidden” things. A young woman has shared through TikTok the story of a horrible first date with a man who started flirting right in front of her with the waitress who served them at the bar they went to. In her video, she shows the young man she is dating and writes that she decided to send him out for drinks while she flirted with other men as if responding “with the same coin” to his attitude.

To make the scene even funnier and more awkward, not only did the man flirt with the waitress but she flirted back as well, making the situation even more uncomfortable for the first woman.

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Faced with questions from users as to why she didn’t just stand up and leave, in another video, she reveals that she eventually ended the date and went home, but that at first she also wanted to have a little fun. She said that she did not see the man again.

Many users of social media began to fill the comments box with their own experiences. One even said that during the pandemic he had an appointment for zoom and the other man got up to go the bathroom and never returned, after almost 20 minutes he just hung up.

Another said that his date stood him up and then crossed paths with her having a few drinks at the place where the date was supposed to be held. Dating can be sometimes frustrating, but there is no denying that the remaining anecdotes are priceless.