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They say that revenge is a cold dish. But apparently, it can also be a dish that is served in small pieces. The peculiar exchange between a customer and a bakery in the United Kingdom recently went viral. The customer, a regular at the establishment, had gone to buy his breakfast. His intention was to leave the payment and then receive his order at his office. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, the “serious” mistake of this customer was the way in which he decided to pay for bread only with pennies. Maybe the man didn’t have any more money, or he probably had a spare change that he wanted to get rid of.

We will never know the real intentions of this client when committing an act as vile and evil as paying for his breakfast with low-value coins, but what we can be sure of is that this gesture was not well received by the workers of the cafe, who they saw it as an insult that outraged them and therefore they decided to take retaliatory action.

The revenge of the cafe workers is only comparable to actions that we could see in gangster movies where they try to send an intimidating message to an enemy. Upon receiving his order, the client opened it enthusiastically and it was when he realized that the way he paid him had not been well received. The sandwich was cut into 16 pieces.

A photo of the dismembered bread began to circulate on social media and quickly went viral causing grace and a bit of fear among users who filled the comment box.

The publication sparked debate among users of the social network, where some described the action of the cafeteria staff as cruel and unnecessary. Meanwhile, others found it amusing.