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A woman discovered that her husband had another family the day before their 10th birthday. Ten years of marriage were ruined for Ami Addison when she discovered through an ad published in the local paper that her husband had a family with another woman. The man is the father of three boys with Ami, with whom he was about to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary. According to the woman, the discovery about the serious and profound deception of which she was a victim was accidental.

“One week before our 10th wedding anniversary, I was in my office and decided to read the newspaper. At that time the names of the newborns were published in the newspaper, who the parents were, the sex of the baby, the year she was born, and the hospital. I saw my husband’s full name. I knew it was about him, because he has a very unusual name, and that of a woman, ”Ami explained.

“I looked at the website of the hospital where they also publish photos and names of the babies: they registered it with their first and last name, indeed, they had a baby a few days ago! But not only that, they had had a girl a year and a half before that. She obviously was angry, ”she added.

The next day, after her husband left on a trip, she took her three children to school. She went to the other woman’s house and came across her husband’s car parked in the driveway. Ami returned to her home, packed up all of her unfaithful husband’s belongings, and left them lying in the driveway of her other family.

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The man called her a while after just checking her in and she asked him where her car was to which he kept lying. In another video, Addison explained that her ex-husband was always someone who “worked hard.” In addition, she explained that there were days when her phone ran out of signal. Whatever the situation, the man always had an excuse, and she trusted him.

This woman did not hesitate to make her case public, which occurred seven years ago, and expose it to the world through a TikTok video that has gone viral.