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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and in some places, fanatism for it can get quite crazy, to the point that even your family can be a victim of it without even knowing it. A father convinced his wife in New South Wales to choose the name of his daughter.

“We chose our daughter’s name because it was unique and romantic. It was only when she was two years old that my husband told me what it meant,” the girl’s mom told The Mirror.

The curious name is “Lanesra” which backward means Arsenal, her father, a huge fan of the Gunners, wanted to always remember his team, and what better way than with the name of his daughter. Since it was published, Claire Smith’s unusual story about how her daughter came to be called “Lanesra” has captivated many on social media.

This news has been very well received by Arsenal fans who are delighted by the name.

If you thought that only the name was the most peculiar thing in the story, to add even more drama, the mother, Claire, is a fan of Manchester United, one of the strongest rivalries in English soccer.

“A very dangerous game my friend,” indicated a user on Twitter referring to Lanesra’s father when he found out which club the mother is from.

The story reached the ears of some managers in Holloway, Arsenal HQ in London and they quickly made the family’s contacts, the delighted father attended a Premier League game with his daughter while the mother refused to attend.

United for their part also wanted to reward the mother, so they dedicated a tweet to her in which they pointed out that if Lanesra one day decided to visit the best of England, they would be waiting for them in the north, in Manchester.

After all, it is a nice story of sports rivalry, in the end, Lanesra is actually a very pretty name.