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A man shared through Reddit a dating hack that comes from his ancestors and according to him, it has served several family generations. Now he shares his knowledge with the world. He shared the story anonymously and stated that finding the perfect fit for you should be pretty easy if you use this technique. He began by commenting that the first dates should be the usual ones, the movie theater, some coffee, dancing or having dinner in a romantic place, getting together with friends.

But, if the truth is that you are considering that he or she can be your one true love, the ultimate love hacking technique is a vacation trip together.

“Some piece of advice my father gave me is that if you want to meet someone you should go on vacation together,” indicated the anonymous text on Reddit.

“Traveling is a good way to get a glimpse of what living with that person will be like. You’ll be sharing a room, planning the itinerary, and learning how to negotiate and discuss where to go. You’ll see all the bad and good habits that people normally have,” added the user.

And we cannot agree more, traveling without a doubt brings a lot of happiness and pleasure, but it also brings with it a lot of planning, on a smaller scale similar to what a couple faces daily. Some indicated that the problems and the true colors of people may not appear in the place, but rather to pretend that everything is fine, eventually, something could happen but nothing so relevant that it would change your mind.

Some users also comment that “I prefer to be at home and upset with that person than away, tired and annoyed”.

The truth is that traveling really can give you some details of the personality of your loved one, in some cases some as critical as planning, resource management, and initiative.

The advice will be taken into account by those who ultimately decide to meet someone that way, in the end, if everything goes wrong at least you will have a few good pictures of the trip.